Which Type Of Life Insurance is Right For You?

What about protecting your legacy?

Basic Features of Life Insurance: ● The Death Benefit: how much the insurance company will pay once the insured person dies ● The Beneficiaries: people such as a spouse or children who receive the death benefit Two Most Common Policies: Term: Starting at 10 years up to 30 years, with a set price correlated with […]

Those Dog-Gone Dogs and Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Will my insurance company cover my dog

Word on the Street On Dogs I say: “You’ve got some updog on your shirt” You say: “what’s updog? I say: “oh, not much just checking in on my homeowner’s policy on dogs. What’s up with you, dawg?” You say: “Oh that’s a great idea, I’m actually reading a blog about that right now! So […]

3 Reasons Why Independent Insurance Rocks

Independent Insurance Means You Have Freedom, Choice and Value for Your Insurance

Go Independent With Your Insurance Gives You Freedom ALWAYS! Get an agency that’s looking out for you From “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” to “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance” to “Hi I’m Flo…”, we’ve heard it all!    Sure, the cute lizard, the latest top quarterbacks […]

OH Hail, Nah!

big hail damage

It’s July in Colorado and you know what that means… Hail is upon us! Here are some ideas to keep your house proof. Start with an at-home examination Take a walk around your house and keep an eye out for any siding, boards, stone or brick that may be loose or coming apart. Those little […]

Life Insurance for Smart Dummies

Bust of Socrates

Figuring out Life Is Nearly Impossible, Life Insurance Isn’t As Hard.   Thousands of years ago, philosophers were asking one burning question: what is life? Today, we ask a similar question, but with one twist: what is life insurance? We are here to help you answer that question.  Basic definition of life insurance: cash that goes […]

How do I buy car insurance?

How do I buy car insurance and not get screwed

How does one actually tackle buying car insurance without striking out? Surfing through the deep, dark and confusing world wide web of auto insurance policies can be overwhelming. You could spend a whole day going to different websites, googling different questions, building a spreadsheet and you still wouldn’t have all the answers! Well, lucky for […]

Easy Ways to Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Insurance bundle benefits

Bundle Home and Auto (5 – 15% discount) You are likely to receive a significant discount if you bundle home, auto, boat, personal property and so on under the same insurance company. Honestly, this is all around the easiest and most cost effective option for you. Raise Your Deductible (Save up to 20%) Keep in […]

Liability Coverage & Umbrella Policy Explained

What's an umbrella policy?

Yes, you have insurance, but are you really protecting your assets? You have seen the commercials being awarded $100,000 to $1,250,000 in lawsuits but don’t get fooled into thinking you are covered by the minimum insurance.    Your insurance carrier will only pay up to your limits. So realistically, $15,000 in property damage won’t replace […]

Top Insurance Terms to Know

Top Terms to Know Before You Buy Insurance

80% rule: if your home insurance policy equals less than 80% of your home’s total replacement value, insurance companies won’t cover the entire cost of damages in the case of a disaster.    Actual Cash Value: an estimation based on the replacement cost minus depreciation which is the amount a property value has decreased since […]

Top 20 Questions About Home Insurance Policies


Whether you are a first time home insurance buyer or a seasoned pro, here are a few basic home insurance policy guidelines.  While these may not be specific enough for your exact situation, these questions and answers will give you a sense of the key things we’ll chat with you about to get you the […]