Let’s Talk Insurance Risk Statistics

What's an umbrella policy?

As a homeowner, you are likely to file a claim eventually. Before disaster hits, be prepared with a comprehensive understanding of the most common and the most expensive claims that homeowners face. The Most Common Claims: According to a report from The Insurance Services Office (ISO) in 2018, 98.1% of homeowners insurance losses are due […]

Wait, Insurance Covers Me For Working From Home? 

Working from home can be covered by your insurance policy

Yep, that’s right, and believe it or not, working from home can make you vulnerable to risk or loss. As much of the world transitions to a remote working style, it is essential to understand where you are covered, where you are not covered and why additional coverage may be appropriate for you. The Breakdown […]

Loss of Use Coverage

Colorado home damaged by fire

Loss of Use coverage, or Additional Living Expenses coverage, will cover living expenses for you while your home is being repaired, rebuilt or temporarily uninhabitable. Loss of use insurance is intended to cover the difference of any additional expenses you may have due to temporary relocation. How much loss of use insurance should I have? […]

Dwelling Insurance Coverage

Dwelling to insure

Dwelling coverage is designed to help you protect the structures on your property, including your house, condo, fences and garage. This blog is to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of dwelling insurance, how much you should get and why you should have it. How much dwelling insurance should I have? You should have enough […]

Three Types of Homeowners Coverage


What are the three levels of homeowners coverage?  First and foremost, there are eight insurance policies for you to choose from, but how do you even know which one to choose from? The first step to choosing a homeowners insurance policy is to gain a comprehensive understanding of what you are paying for, how you […]

What is Personal Liability?

How much umbrella liability coverage should I have?

What is Personal Liability? Boom, crash. You look outside your window and there is your son, little Johnny with a baseball bat standing outside of your neighbor’s house, glass everywhere and a baseball-sized hole through their window. You immediately think, oh lord, how am I going to pay for this. But then you remember, you […]

Insurance Incidentals for Motorcycles in Colorado

Harley Davidson on I-25

You’re driving down I-25 on your Harley Davidson, wind blowing in your hair, headed towards the motorcyclist convention, the big event of the year. You are going to be the coolest person there. But maybe not, if you don’t have motorcycle insurance. So here’s the basic run down, step-by-step, of motorcycle insurance coverage in Colorado.  […]

Everything you need to know about insuring your boat

Picture of your next catch?  Got an insured boat to help you get there?

Everyone needs some love, especially your boat.  Show your boat some love and protection with boaters insurance.  Here is the blaring question everyone wants to know: is boater’s insurance required by law? No, BUT, it is a very, very smart financial decision.   Why is boat insurance a smart decision? There are lots of reasons, but […]

What type of insurance does your restaurant really need?

Restaurant insurance protection, proactive vs reactive saves your seats

Did you know only seven insurance agencies in Colorado support restaurant owners?   Lucky for you, you’re in the right spot because Weedin’s got you covered! Here are some of the basic policies you need as a smart owner.  Rather than have “The Cleaner’s come in to fix a mess that’s clearly not covered, get […]

The Top 10 Factors the Froth Up Your Restaurant Insurance Co.

Risks in not having the right restaurant insurance

Insurance for restaurant owners can quickly add up with all of the necessary policies that you must include, but before you dive into all of the different policies, it is important for you to understand WHY you are being charged at the rate in which you are being invoiced.   1. Location: your restaurant building, […]