Easy Ways to Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Bundle Home and Auto (5 – 15% discount)

You are likely to receive a significant discount if you bundle home, auto, boat, personal property and so on under the same insurance company. Honestly, this is all around the easiest and most cost effective option for you.

Raise Your Deductible (Save up to 20%)

Keep in mind, you will pay more out of pocket when filing a claim. However you will pay less per month. 

Improve Home Security by…

The less likely you are to make a claim, the less you have to pay. So add some security!


Adding an advanced sprinkler system (up to 20% discount)

Adding a fire/burglar alarm that rings the police (15 – 20% discount)

Installing standard fire/burglar alarms and deadbolt locks (5% discount)


Improve Defense Against Natural Disasters by…

Again, the less likely you are to make a claim, the less you have to pay. So add some protection!


Adding storm shutters

Updating/reinforcing your roof

modernizing your heating, plumbing and electrical systems

Carbon monoxide detectors

Fire extinguishers

Ask and Research Possible Discounts

Always, always, always ask your agent what discounts are available. Chances are you will qualify for at least one.


Retired People

Household with no smokers

Work in a specific career (teaching, engineer, firefighter, etc.)

Homeowners who regularly do maintenance

Customer loyalty (3-5 years)

Being Claims free

New home discounts

Living in a gated community


Avoid “Attractive Nuisances”

For the third time, the less likely you are to make a claim, the less you have to pay. So remove those hazards!




Koi Ponds


Keep Tabs on Your Credit Score

Having a low credit score is great for a lot of reasons but especially for homeowner’s insurance. Make sure you are either improving your credit score or maintaining it to keep your monthly payments low. 


Reduce Flood Risk

No matter where you live, how old your home is or what type of insurance policy you have, you should absolutely take preventative measures against the chances of a flood. Flood damage can cost you boat loads of money and aren’t uncommon.


Buy flood insurance

Install flood openings

Elevate your utilities above ground level

Elevate your home


Remove Old Structures

Older structures are more likely to cause damage or be damaged. If it is something you can replace, upgrade or remove, you will save money long term by doing so. For example, if you have a shed that you don’t use often. 


Review and Shop around once per year

Every year, sit down and review your policy. Once you’ve carefully examined your policy, shop around. Compare and contrast various policies from various companies. When you feel researched-out, contact your agent and ask them the basic questions. 

*FYI this step is likely to save you the most amount of money


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