OH Hail, Nah!

It’s July in Colorado and you know what that means… Hail is upon us! Here are some ideas to keep your house proof.

Start with an at-home examination

Take a walk around your house and keep an eye out for any siding, boards, stone or brick that may be loose or coming apart. Those little holes can cause a LOT of damage. Shut your drapes and close your windows to prevent having broken glass in your house


Monitor your home maintenance 

Trim branches

To prevent serious injury to you, your home or your car

Clean gutters

Avoid water damage!

Add canopies to protect your plants and furniture

You can also cover them with blankets or bring them inside


Update your roof

Start with the highest quality shingles and the most durable, wind-resistant option. They may be more expensive upfront but they will likely save you more money in the long term. 

Install Skylights

Skylights are a beautiful option that can be very durable if you purchase the correct option

Add shutters

Shutters will add another layer of protection and as as a shield for broken glass

Add steep-sloped roofs

This roofing option has much less hail damage than flat or low-sloped houses



Connect with local roofing companies

Many local roofing companies will offer a free assessment of your roof and home.  It costs nothing and if there is any damage, you will want to find the right one to work with. BEWARE of the “storm chasers” who come from all of the states around us and will likely go out of business as soon as it’s time to provide their warranty service within a year.  Always check for references, local phone numbers and addresses.


If you want three or four roofing companies that are trusted, local and have been in the area for a long time, give me a call or send me an email.

Colorado hail damage can be expensive without the right coverage

Colorado hail damage can be expensive without the right coverage

Are you covered for storm damage???

This is the most important part!!! Double check with your insurance agent on your policy and your coverage in case of a serious hail storm!

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